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About us :

Our organization consists of a group of persons who are acquainted with the hardship of a bright student. We are here to stand with such bright students, who after clearing entrance test for an Institute of national repute, finds it difficult either to secure admission or continue her/his studies owing to financial hardship.

We offer education assistance to the extent possible for such students who are unable to avail of financing from commercial banks because they have no property or deposits to pledge. 

How we work?

If you are one such aspirant, please fill up some elementary information in the form. Our Team Member will ascertain whether the statements given about your monetary conditions are true and complete. Having been validated after such exercise, your application will be scrutinized by TrustSuvas and you will be informed of the outcome. Successful candidates will receive assistance in form of direct deposit of Institute fee. Such assistance will be incumbent on applicant’s good personal conduct and excellent academic performance and annual review based on these parameters. Such assistance will be refundable after the applicant secures a placement. The applicant shall be allowed to refund the sum of education assistance that she/he had received in easy monthly installments, which will be utilized to fund other qualified applicants. It desired that that applicant who by this time will be a well placed professional will willingly contribute an incremental amount back to TrustSuvas. It will go a long way to expand the coverage.This shall complete the circle of beneficiary becoming the benefactor.