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As Students :

Eligibility Conditions and Application form for Students

The students who qualify all the following conditions are eligible to apply for the education assistance,

  • She/he has qualified for admission in govt/state run Institution for pursuing professional course.
  • The annual aggregate annual income of all the members of the family should not exceed Rs one lakh.
  • She/he should not be beneficiary of any other assistance including scholarship from any other source. 

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As Investors:

Please register if you are willing to invest in our applicants. We shall notify you when we identify an applicant whom we are unable to support from our own limited resources. Your investments will be returned when such successful candidate contributes back to TrustSuvas. It is necessary for us to exercise discretion while opening up to external sources. This is done under belief that exemplary personal conduct and academic performance of our successful applicants can blossom to glory only through uncontaminated nurturing. So in order to keep away funds of doubtful/dubious nature TrustSuvas has laid down certain parameters.

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