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About Us

Our organization consists of a group of persons who are acquainted with the hardship of a bright student. We are here to stand with such bright students, who after clearing entrance test for an Institute of national repute, finds it difficult either to secure admission or continue her/his studies owing to financial hardship.

What We do

Vision of TrustSuvas includes that young bright students from financially challenged background should be mentored during formative years of their schooling and be supported financially through offer of Education Assistance while they join a professional course.

Our intention is to develop an ecosystem where such students claim their rightful place in the society and reach out to others placed in similar situation. Funding as Education Assistance is awarded to selected students who are unable to raise education loan from Banks for want of suitable collaterals to pledge. The repayment is utilized fully to fund the education of next rung of students.

Till now  seven such students from Arunanchal Pradesh, Jammu& Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand & Uttar Pradesh have qualified for our  the Education Assistance, out of them one has fully repaid the amount and the second has started repayment. Rest of them are still pursuing their courses. Apart from these funding, we have guided many others to avail of available financial and career avenues.

Our Findings and Roadmap

During this process we realized that most of the students rising against hardships are not actually aware of the financial and career opportunities available to them. As a result they remain at disadvantage as they are unable to equip themselves well in time.

In this sequence, we are planning to mentor these students from formative years of their education so that they can select the career options offered to them. We plan to assess the abilities of students in a given environment and select a few from amongst them depending upon their capabilities. We believe that the right exposure and training will go a long way to help them chose right career path.

Our Proposal

We wish to mentor the students nurtured by your Institution from class 9 onward, exposing them to learning processes, informing them of available opportunities and guide them through the selection process. We wish to create a sustainable  platform to which these students can turn to for counseling and training in times of need. The students selected for professional courses will be offered Education Assistance by TrustSuvas.

  • Success Stories
  • Success Stories

    Success Stories

    Richa Srivastava
    The emulative example is of Richa Srivastava who secured admission in Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal for MCA course. On finding it difficult to receive education loan from commercial banks, she applied and availed of Education assistance to the extent she could not meet from her limited family resources. She won a placement with TCS even before completion of her course.
    Demonstrating her determination of not being a recepient of charity, she gave back what she received so that she could help others while moving on in her life.

    Barnali Chowdhury 
    Taking on her story further is Barnali Chowdhury  who completed her M. Tech from  National Istitute of Technology Arunanchal Pradesh with assistance from TrustSuvas. He mentor Prof Alek Majumder contacted us when she faced personal crises making it difficult to continue her course. She received her degree with honours and started her career as faculty at NERIST Arunanchal Pradesh. She soon contributed back so that other students in similar situation could be helped.

    Richa Singh
    Richa Singh was introduced and mentored by Mr Aaditya Tiwari of India Foundation, while she was doing B.Tech(Biological Science) from HBTI Kanpur. Her family supported studies despite facing financial troubles. She accepted assistance for one semester only. Displaying the strength to keep the faith reposed in her, she started her contributions as soon as she joined Excel Matrix Biological Devices at Hyderabad as Trainee Scientist.

    Maneesh Pandey
    Maneesh Pandey, hailing from a small village in UP hardly had any support at all when he secured admission in B Tech (CSE) from NIT Srinagar ( J&K). Fulfilling all the conditions of eligibility, he convinced his mentor Mr Shankar Gupta IRS to become an awardee. Immediately after graduating, he joined as Mathematics Faculty at an Institute at Kota and moving on in life he is regularly supporting funding to other students.

    Shubham Verma
    Shubham Verma, having eligible candidature doing B Tech from Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, impressed Mr Aaditya Tiwari with his verve and articulate personality and won our assistance. Having joined TCS after successful graduation, he immediately offered to contribute towards assisting other aspirants who refuse to accept charity.

    Mohd Imran
    Mohd Imran Patel in final year of MBBS at J.J.M. Medical College, Karnataka approached TrustSuvas for onetime assistance. Mentored by Shri Deepak Sharma and assured by Dr Bande Nawaz for his credentials, he started his share of assistance for other students, the moment he received his internship stipend. Currently he is preparing for his PG studies.
    Driven by faith in their own ability and acknowledging the timely assistance offered by TrustSuvas, these young professionals  have contributed their share towards funding the assistance to other bright students trudging the path of financial hardships and helped them fly. TrustSuvas derives strength from such persons of true grit and merit. This enlivens our theme of the Beneficiary becoming the Benefactor.

Professional Aproach

We create the best learning environment with funny and happy activities for all students

Fully Equiped

We create the best learning environment with funny and happy activities for all students

Smart and Capable

We create the best learning environment with funny and happy activities for all students

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We create the best learning environment with funny and happy activities for all students

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Download Application Form & submit filled Application Form alongwith required documents athrough email on "trustsuvas@gmail.com"
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We are here for those who, despite facing odds, wish to take their rightful place in society…

We are here for those whose dignity forbids them to accept charity and donation...

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We are here for those whose words are their only guarantee and collateral security…

We are here for those whom commercial banks decline to help...

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