Educate We have developed a system for improvement in existing standard of their education through e-Learning framework of online classes to impart support in subjects of Science, Mathematics and English to students belonging to remote areas where their schools do not have adequate educational infrastructure. Bringing them at par with the public schools and their eventual merger in mainstream education channels for professional and vocational channels remain our final goal.

(A) First e-Learning segment consists of after school classes and is driven by motivated volunteers who can reach out to these students through interactive platforms and smart devices, from the comforts of their own surrounding.

(B) Another segment is for those students who do not possess smart devices we partner with schools who specifically cater to the students of unprivileged section and set up virtual classrooms in their premise. Here again the educated and enlightened individuals become our driving force.

Form A below is for such motivated enlightened individuals for sharing the information regarding their choice of subject and available timeslots. They will be apprised of the system of conducting e-Learning sessions by our representative. Further upon their consent they will be informed of the timing of the class and they will be introduced to their target students or virtual classrooms according to mutual convenience.

Form B is for the institutions willing to enter in such arrangement to register themselves with us for setting up virtual classrooms. They will be apprised of the system of conducting virtual classes by our representative. Further upon their consent, we shall provide the hardware at easy terms and set up interactive classes with the help of volunteers

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